Create a Unique Valentines Gift with Photos

Create a unique valentines gift for your loved one with just a few photos and a few words. Homemade romantic gifts are creative, romantic gift ideas. Great for every Valentines Day!

Looking for ideas for Valentines Day?

Personalized romantic gifts are great valentine gift ideas for men and for women. And guess what. Creative romantic gift ideas don't have to be elaborate to be successful. Forget valentine shopping! Even last minute Valentine's gifts can come straight from the heart.

I think homemade romantic gifts are the best kind. Why? Well, because what better way is there to find personalized Valentines Day gifts, than to make them? Besides, the way you find a unique Valentine's gift is by making it thoughtful . And what homemade gift is NOT thoughtful?

With that in mind, here's my idea for a unique Valentines gift. Actually, this is a borrowed idea from Heritage Makers. But it's brilliant and can be adapted to fit your needs.


I would be tickled pink to receive this kind of romantic gift from my husband!

Step #1

Find 10 pictures of your significant other. If you don't have any, or if they're lost in .jpg land on your computer, get your camera out and take a few. Pick your favorites - ones you know he/she will like. Include yourself and/or other family members in some of the photos. Close up pictures of the face work great, and so does having multiple snapshots of various moods or expressions.

Step #2

Write down 10 things that you love/admire/adore/cherish/ fill-in-your-own-word-here about your partner. You don't have to worry about fancy words or feel like you're writing a memoir. Just keep the list simple and sincere.

Maybe this list will get you started on your own unique valentines gift:

I Love...

how you look at me

being your hero

holding hands with you

your smile

your sense of humor

the way you love our kids

how smart you are

your soft skin

the way you smell

the sound of your laughter

hearing your voice

how you love me

the way you drive

hearing you sing to our kids

your whistle

to be with you

your thoughtfulness

when you cook my favorite meal

When you're finished, sign your name: "All my love, Bob." (But probably not the "Bob" part.)

Step #3

Drop your pictures into a photo book . To see the template from Heritage Makers that got my mind going, click here.

Some variations of this unique Valentines gift could include:

  • Use just one photo, beautifully framed. Make your love list on the back or as part of a special card.
  • Make the gift last all day long. Place the pictures with notes in places where he/she will find them throughout the day.
  • Forget the pictures entirely. Instead, focus on the words and give your list of 10 reasons with a bouquet of 10 roses.
  • If you're in a less serious relationship or need gift ideas for a girlfriend or boyfriend, simply switch the "10 things I love about you" to "10 things I like about you."

What are your ideas for unusual romantic gifts? Please share!

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