Unique Holiday Gift Ideas
for Every Holiday

Discover unique holiday gift ideas personalized with priceless photos. Digital photo gifts make great homemade holiday gifts and personalized Christmas gifts add meaning to the season.

Can you ever have enough
unique holiday gift ideas??

With several gift giving opportunities throughout the year and so many holidays to celebrate, sometimes it can be difficult coming up with new and unique holiday gift ideas.

Personalized picture gifts are the solution!

Use priceless photos to create homemade holiday gifts. Photo gifts make unique gifts for women, innovative Christmas gift ideas for guys and creative and romantic gift ideas for Valentine's Day. You can use photos in the celebration of Hanukkah, to make a Halloween gift bag, on Easter photo cards or as a Kwanza gift.

Hang on for the ride… because I'm even going to show you how photo gifts can be used for making inexpensive personalized gifts at the last minute! Gift ideas included here can use those awkward family photos, family history photos, or professional portrait photos - the choice is yours.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Personalized Christmas gifts made with photos can be given over and over again, year after year. As long as you change the picture, the gift becomes new each year. Photos can be used on simple homemade Christmas ornaments. Or make your own photo book, create a family cook book, put a photo on a throw blanket, make a photo calendar, craft personalized photo puzzles, make a photo mug, photo purse or photo jewelry.

Create a Unique Valentines Gift

Why are Valentine gifts for men so difficult? Heck. Coming up with gift ideas for your wife is probably just as hard. But personalized Valentines day gifts are fun and easy with photographs. Your personal romantic love stories can be combined with photographs for a creative and unique Valentines day gift storybook. Instead of flowers and chocolates, make a cookbook with pictures of your favorite recipes. Make your own version of valentine crafts for kids with a photograph component. School valentine cards can also incorporate photos. (For ours, we also included these valentine day jokes.)

Transfer the same general photo gift ideas from one holiday to the next, and suddenly you have unique holiday gift ideas for the entire year.

Unique Easter Gifts

Use pictures on Easter photo cards, eggs, personalized Easter baskets, gift tags, whatever! Other personalized Easter gifts might include personalized pendants, photo puzzles, service coupons or picture frames. And, of course, you can just never have too many Easter basket ideas.

Halloween Party Gifts

My favorite Halloween gift idea is that of a tote bag. Purchase a standard canvas bag from your local craft store in the size and color of your choice. Then let your creativity go wild! Embellish the bag with jewels, pictures, paint, buttons, whatever you can imagine.

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