Unique Gift For Baby

Use photos to create a unique gift for the baby! Whether you need that special baby shower gift or a cheap baby gift basket, learn how to incorporate photos for personalized new baby gifts.

personalized newborn baby gifts

There’s nothing like the birth of a brand new baby to remind us how precious life is. Babies are so sweet and innocent. And small and sweet. And they smell so yummy, fresh out of a bath!

When you think about how special babies are and how much that little bundle of joy changes the lives around it, it’s no wonder we search for unique gifts for the baby and its parents. (Because, let’s face it – really, baby gifts are great gifts for mom rather than for baby!)


Finding a unique gift for the baby is easier when you strive to match the gift item to the baby’s personality, family’s interests and gift-giving occasion.

Special Baby Shower Gift Ideas

For a special baby shower gift, focus on how much life will change over the next few months. A beautiful frame with 12 open spots is just one way to celebrate a new life, giving parents a place to proudly display their baby’s growth and development from month to month for the first year.

personalized newborn baby gifts

Think about everyday items that new babies and new mothers need – blankets, bottles, lotions, diapers – and then turn that everyday item into a unique gift for baby by adding text and/or photos. For example, use a photo of mom and dad to create a baby blanket gift, personalized with a fun saying such as "forever wrapped in love." Create your own custom bottle or lotion "label" – print it on sticker paper or ½ page labels.

Cheap Baby Gift Basket Idea

For a cheap baby gift basket, gather all the coupons you can find. Combine them with a list of local parks, venues and other family-friendly community resources. Wrap the entire basket with cellophane. Tie with a ribbon and attach a cute photo tag. (Presentation is everything, especially if you’re going for "cheap"!

Personalized Name Gift Ideas

personalized name gift

Play off the baby’s name and create personalized name gifts. Create the baby’s name on wooden blocks or tiles. Cover wooden letters with a picture collage. If you don’t have supplies on hand, create the whole thing as a digital scrapbook page. Use photos to create home décor for the baby’s room. Use a photo to make a poster explaining "the meaning of my name" or have a special poem printed.

Photography Project Ideas

Make a picture tote. Cute diaper bags never go out of style and personalized photo tote bags could even be used later as kids tote bags.

Kids like story books. Use original poems or kids’ drawings to create your own story. Or make your own photo book with family photos. I absolutely love this "Tucked In" storybook template available through Heritage Makers and think every child should have his or her own personalized copy!

What photo projects have you made? How have you incorporated photos into your gift giving? You’re invited to share!

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