Make a Picture Tote Bag

A picture tote bag and personalized photo purse make great gifts for mom. Photo tote bags can also make cute diaper bags, business tote bags or even a pet purse.

Photo tote bags – you know, where you have a photo imprinted on a tote bag – are the cutest things ever.

Whether it’s a reusable grocery bag, library tote, church bag, or everyday purse, I just can’t quite get enough of them.

personalized wallet

So you can imagine my joy when I realized that I can make a custom tote bag or custom purse with my very own snapshots and photographs. I can even make a personalized wallet! (Wouldn’t that make a great Father’s Day gift?)

AND, it gets even better. Because when it comes to cute tote bags, options vary as much as shoe choices!

I can't help it!

Some women like shoes. I like bags.

Picture Tote Options

Your options vary from a casual photo tote bag to a custom photo purse.

For example, you could make your own personalized canvas tote bags and turn them into a new Halloween family tradition. Or, you could create a photo handbag made of leather or microfiber.

Basically, you have 3 choices –

  1. Do it yourself. Take a trip to your local craft store, purchase a canvas bag in your favorite size and some photo transfer paper or printer fabric. Use your own photo craft ideas and skills to complete the project.
  2. Insert photo prints into plastic sleeves. Purchase the bag of your choice and have photos printed. One of the advantages of this kind of picture tote is that you can change the photos with the seasons… or whenever the urge strikes.
  3. Have an image imprinted directly onto a bag or purse. I love this option and I love Snaptotes for providing us with so many ideas and beautiful bags! Not only do they offer quality printing, but they offer bag variety and value as well.

Personalized Photo Purse Tips

Carrying a personalized photo purse is a fun way of showing off your pictures and memories wherever you go.

Choose your photo wisely but don’t under estimate the power of a casual snapshot. For a personalized photo purse, I actually prefer personal snapshots over professional photo sessions.

And don’t forget to match the picture to the type of bag. Purse pictures come in all varieties.

cute diaper bags

Isn't this the best picture for a special, unique baby gift? Cute diaper bags are great gifts for mom, especially for the new mom.


This one would be great on a make-up bag. (I couldn't find the photo of my baby boy putting mascara ALL over himself and the mirror...)

Business tote bags don't have to be stuffy or stiff. What about taking these office gurus to work with you on a microfiber tote bag?

personalized wallet

This is one of my all-time favorite photos. It would be perfect for a personalized wallet for my husband for Father's Day!

imprinted tote bag

I would love to have this photo imprinted on a tote bag for the pool or beach. I can still hear the kids discussing water levels and would love to carry that memory with me.

pet purse

Photo tote bags can make great gifts for dog owners and pet lovers, too. This photo could be the beginning of a fabulous pet purse. I enjoy this photo because it always makes people look twice. Which dog is not like the others??

Think Outside the Box

If you have a particular bag in mind but can't quite find the perfect picture, stage one. Or use several and make a collage.

picture tote

I love how on this particular picture tote they've used one photo but divided it into four parts.

personalized wallet

And have you ever heard of bags crafted from recycled newspaper? It's Flashbag's specialty. And - guess what! - they're even cute.

picture tote

Time For Your Own Picture Tote

So. Are you ready to make your own picture tote?? You should be! They make great gifts for mom, but they also make great gifts for yourself.

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