Personalized Wind Chime Photo Gift

by Lydia / Kim

My Personalized Wind Chime

My Personalized Wind Chime

My Personalized Wind Chime The cabin where I hope the wind chime will find a home.

When my friend Kim offered to make a personalized wind chime, I was thrilled!! She is such a creative, neat person and I knew I would love whatever she came up with.

I decided that I wanted to give it to my Dad for Christmas and that it should have pictures of his parents and family from when he was a little boy. I hoped he would hang it at the simple, one-room cabin up the hollow from the house in the country where I grew up. The cabin has such fond memories! And I can still remember how excited my Grandpa was when he had the cabin built. I liked the thought of my grandparents blowing in the wind with the quacking aspen at a place that they loved. Sort of a memorial gift, too, I guess.

All I provided for Kim was the photos and where I thought the personalized wind chime would hang. She did the rest. And I love it!

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