Personalized Photo Jewelry Gift Ideas

Personalized photo jewelry ideas include photo necklaces with personalized pendants, photo engraved jewelry, photo jewelry supplies and more! They make great personalized gifts for mom, dad and kids.

What are your favorite
personalized photo jewelry items?

Lately, photo necklaces are mine. I love the concept of wearing fond memories around my neck. And I'm always surprised how many people comment on my personalized pendants and how often I'm showing them those little tiny pictures.

Jewelry is personal. Photos are personal.

It just makes sense that personalized photo jewelry is the most personalized gift of all - for yourself or for someone special.

While personalized pendants and photo necklaces are especially appropriate personalized gifts for mom and women in general, don’t stop there.

Did you know that unique jewelry gifts are available for men, too? In addition to charms, earrings, pins, broches, lockets and bracelets, photo jewelry also includes rings, cuff links, watches, dog tags and even belt buckles.

Dogs and children can benefit from unique photo jewelry, too, when you decide to make personalized baby jewelry, confirmation jewelry and/or pet photo jewelry.

Choose your personalized photo jewelry and vendor carefully.

There are just as many quality options as there are product choices. Quality ranges from fine jewelry in genuine silver and gold to plastic do-it-yourself snap inserts.

While some photo engraved jewelry is of heirloom quality, other pieces simply are not. Choosing a quality piece is important but so is choosing an age-appropriate gift.

A young girl or teenager probably doesn’t need (or want) the responsibility of gold. Photo jewelry supplies, on the other hand, that she can assemble herself, may just be the perfect gift solution.

SIDE NOTE: By the way, the best photo
jewelry supplies vendor I've found is

Check out their memories in a bottle photo charm - talk about unique jewelry gifts!

photo jewelry supplies

Some considerations

  1. Do you trim and insert the photos yourself?
    Unless you’re purchasing photo jewelry supplies specifically for the purpose of self-assembly, I don’t recommend this option. Have you ever tried to get those little tiny photos into the exact right place? Not fun.
  2. Does your item need to be waterproof?
    Is it? Never assume. If “waterproof” is NOT specifically listed, then assume that your piece is NOT waterproof. There’s nothing worse than spending time and money on the perfect piece only to have it ruined the first time you get it wet.
  3. Do you have the design flexibility that you need?
    I've seen some beautiful personalized pendants that didn't have any photos in them at all. Some vendors offer more choices than others. And, of course, gold photo jewelry is a very specialized item.
  4. What product quality are you purchasing?
    There's nothing wrong with cheap plastic pieces - as long as that's what you're expecting. If you want personalized pendants with genuine birthstones, expect to pay more than if you're buying plastic.

SIDE NOTE: My favorite photo engraved jewelry pieces are made by Through color engraving, you can have your photo permanently lasered onto a pendant or locket. They're beautiful!

What about you?

What kind of personalized photo jewelry have you given or made?

Has anyone ever made one of those wooden jewelry boxes with a picture on a ceramic tile on top? I'd love to know how it turned out.

What experience do you have with custom engraved jewelry? Have you ever used photos on personalized mommy jewelry?

You're invited to share your ideas and expertise! Just follow this link.

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