Personalized Gifts for the Home

Photo gifts are great house warming gift ideas and make exquisite personalized gifts for the home. Find out how to make your own clock, vintage photo blocks, personalized wind chime and more!

I love this quote -
You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.
- Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

And it's with that thought in mind that I assembled this list of a few EASY homemade gift ideas that can be made with digital photos and pictures.

Include a little bit of yourself with these personalized gifts for the home, and you'll be giving a thoughtful, fitting present every time.

Make your own clock with photos

Turn any standard wall clock into a personalized gift in just a few easy steps.

  • Purchase a clock. Wal-Mart has very basic clocks in a variety of colors for just a few dollars.
  • Pick your photos.
  • Then create a theme that matches the room, mood or person you wish to highlight. The digital scrapbooking templates, such as these, available through Heritage Makers are fun.
  • Carefully remove the cover and clock hands.
  • Cut your template and/or pictures and paste them over the existing clock face. If you have the right style of photo, you can even cut arms and paste them over the clock arrows... so it looks like there's a real person twisting their arms around to point at numbers as time moves forward.
  • Replace the clock hands and cover and - tad ah! All finished.

Vintage Photo Blocks

Since I discovered digital scrapbook printing, I'm a big fan of using templates for projects. It seems like when I have to do the measuring and calculating on my own, pieces aren't straight and stuff doesn't quite end up straight. (Yes, I know - it's a problem!)

Needless to say, these personalized gifts for the home are based on yet another Heritage Makers template. (But you could adapt the idea and use printed photographs and/or scrapbook embellishments.)

Simply replace the pictures with your own, cut out the various pieces and then decoupage onto pieces of 2x4 lumber. Everyone who sees these blocks in my house loves them. As a matter of fact, I keep having to replace pieces in my set because I keep giving them away to lucky family members.

If you want more easy homemade gift ideas, check out the Photo Crafts & Activities section.

As I said, you could also do this project with various photos, fun scrapbooking papers, stickers or vinyl lettering. Instead of 2x4 lumber, try 4x4 blocks. Group several blocks together and/or on top of each other for a cohesive look. Use blocks to make the family name or crest.

Personalized Wind Chime

I have no idea how to make a personalized wind chime, but doesn't it sound fun? I keep thinking you could somehow hang miniature metal or pewter picture frames for a fun and personalized look but so far it's just a vague idea. Anyone else want to work on this one?? (And while I'm thinking about it, what other housewarming gift ideas can you share?)

My friend, Kim, made a personalized wind chime for me out of black and white photos, small picture frames, beads, a few spoons, a plate and green vase. And I love it! What do you think? The photo component gives a whole new meaning to musical wind chimes.

Personalized Stepping Stone

Unique garden stones make great personalized gifts for the home. Well, I guess they wouldn't exactly be for the home since they'd be in the yard, but nonetheless, they're great. Try making a simple mosaic stepping stone, such as this one. Our family bought a kit from Michael's to make ours and then gave them as Christmas gifts for grandparents.

Photo Throw Blankets

If you want more ideas for personalized photo products and/or the available options out there, go to Personalized Photo Products.

You have to be careful with thoughtful gift ideas like these because they're "thoughtful" only if you know someone well enough to know their decorating style. That said, personalized photo blankets are amazing, especially if you have a great photo to begin with. Have the family name or crest woven into the throw, try a photo collage or add a heart warming poem.

I love incorporating photos into every aspect of life possible, especially when it comes to home décor. Photos are a wonderful way to display, share and surround your family with happy memories.

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