Use Photos for Personalized Gifts for Children

Personalized gifts for children are fun and easy with photos. Discover personalized books for kids, cool games for kids, card games for kids and other thoughtful gift ideas that will make any child smile.

personalized gifts for children

I love making games for my kids using family photos and school pictures. Their current favorite is our customized Family Guess Who game. We also have several match games. (For kids, these kinds of memory games made from personalized photo playing cards never seem to get old!)

Personalized gifts for children build self esteem because the child is the hero - over and over again.

Consider -
Personalized Books for Kids

Personalized story books are often based on popular childrens books or cartoon characters. Companies that print these personalized children books usually offer personalized music CDs as well.

The concept for both is the same - incorporate personal information about the child, such as first and last name, home town, age and/or friends' names, into a generic story or song.

Depending on the book template and company, you can sometimes add pictures, personalized text or child's artwork as well.

Story book ideas for young children

  • personalized ABC's
  • people who love me
  • baby book
  • child's birth story
  • all about me (written and illustrated by the child)
    With the help of an adult, these would be wonderful gifts for kids to make for a unique mothers day gift idea or Christmas gifts for grandparents.
  • the meaning of my name

Personalized novels and short stories work well for older children and tweens. By providing details about the child, you can even co-author a children's full-length adventure novel. If you're looking for teen gift ideas, how about an age-appropriate personalized romance novel?

The best personalized books for children of all ages are those that are completely customized. The more personal the text, pictures and photos, the better. Design your own personalized photo book or create your own story.

Cool Games for Kids -
Personalized with Photos

To make a personalized photo game, take any popular game and recreate it with a photo element. For example, design a board game based on Monopoly with pictures of your family and names of places in your neighborhood. Make your own bingo game and cards or make your own board game.

How to make your own Family Guess Who game

guess who game

Based on the standard Guess Who game, I made a digital scrapbook template for our personalized family photos on 12x12 papers. (I'm wishing I'd have made a personalized box top, too.)

guess who game

Carefully cut out the pictures. Remove the original game faces and replace them with your own.

Cut out the remaining draw pile pictures (the yellow ones) and you're all set to play. I've been glad that we combined children and adult pictures. The age variety along with some people wearing glasses and some people wearing hats, has the game easier to play.

Personalized Card Games for Kids

You can do all sorts of fun things with personalized photo playing cards! Make your own playing cards and then make up your own card games.

Or, simply print custom photo playing cards for a standard kids' card game such as Uno, Go Fish or Solitaire.

There are 5 basic steps to personalized, easy games for kids:

  1. Decide on the game
  2. Clarify the rules
  3. Identify any specialty cards needed (wild, reverse, etc.)
  4. Find a template or design your own
  5. Add your photos

Other Personalized Kids Gifts

There are many additional ideas for personalized gifts for children. Use the child's name, photo or both to create:

  • personalized childrens backpacks
  • a personalized lunch box
    (No more wondering which generic black lunchbox belongs to whom!)
  • photo t-shirt with a fun saying
  • custom hoodie sweatshirt
    (Kids don't have to play team sports to appreciate a sweatshirt hoodie with their last name printed on the back.)
  • personalized photo apron
    (These make great personalized Fathers Day gifts, too.)
  • nursery pictures

personalized gifts for children

These fun decor pieces for a child's room were
made by personalizing 8x8 canvas prints.

  • handpainted furniture
  • personalized baby frames
  • kids picture frames
    (These are great gifts that kids can make, too.)
  • kids gift basket
    (These personalized gifts for children can vary greatly depending on the time of year and/or holiday season.)
  • personalized name plaque

Again, these decor pieces for a child's room were
made by personalizing 8x8 canvas prints.

  • "meaning of my name" poster

These are just a few ideas for personalized gifts for children - some I've tried and some I haven't.

What personalized kid gifts have you tried and which ones do you recommend?

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