Find the perfect gift for your mother on her day.

Whether you make your own photo book or create personalized photo jewelry, the perfect gift for your mother on her day can be customized with pictures. Discover personalized gifts for mom, gifts for grandmother and even gifts for daughters.

These letters were made by 3 sisters for their parents for Christmas.
Each letter is a random collage of photos of each daughter.

Why are great gifts for mom so difficult?

Whether you're looking for a unique Mother's Day gift idea, gifts for grandmother or presents for your step-mom, use the following to create the perfect gift for your mother on her most important day.

Unique Mother's Day gifts and personalized gifts for mom (or for any woman in your life) is as simple as...

  1. Choose a picture
  2. Write or choose your words
  3. Combine them both

Let me explain.

Here's the scenario:

You're looking for the perfect gift for your mother to make her day (birthday, retirement, Christmas - whatever) the greatest ever. Or maybe it's Mother's Day and you want gifts for your wife. Maybe you're looking for personalized grandmother gifts that your children can give. You might even be shopping for mom for Christmas gifts.

Now, here's the solution:

Regardless of the occasion, you can create unusual photo gifts by combining pictures and words and then displaying them in a creative way.

These unique gifts for moms, will vary based on the age of the child and mother. The perfect gift for one mother on one day will be very different than the perfect gift for another mother on another day. Think of the difference between homemade presents or crafts from a young child verses personalized gifts for grandma from her adult child.

This is an 18x24-inch poster. As a Mother's Day gift for a grandma from her adult child, it shows recent pictures of all of the grandchildren, from oldest to youngest. The last square is reserved for the baby expected to be born in a few months. This is a perfect example of a gift that you could give over and over, simply updating the photos each year.

Here's another year's version. Same but different. The grandparent quote says,
"Grandchildren are God's way of compensating us for growing old."

Assembling the Perfect Gift for your Mother on any Special Day...

Step #1: Choose your photo(s)

Pictures to be used as presents for mom might include:

  • a picture of just mom
  • a picture of just the kids
  • a picture of mom and the kids
  • a current photo
  • an old black and white photo

Step #2: Write your words

Think of a way to say "I love you!" (Isn't that what gifts for moms are really all about?) Maybe it's text from a beautiful card, a fitting quote or original poem. Keep your message short and simple. On the other hand, the length of your message doesn't matter - sincerity is what counts.

Step #3: Combine your photo(s) and words into a display

The display you choose will vary based on your budget, time and creativity. Mount photos on wooden blocks, personalize a canvas photo print, create an arrangement of multiple picture frames, compose your own photo book, make personalized photo jewelry… and the list goes on and on.

Here are a couple more unique mother's day gifts -

This fun digital scrapbook page combines the mother's and son's second grade photo and ties them together with a meaningful quote. This custom photo collage could could easily be turned into personalized photo gift cards or displayed in one of several inexpensive picture frames available at your local department store.

Don't underestimate the power of a beautifully framed picture. Especially if it stirs up pleasant memories, such as this one.

What perfect gift have you given your mother that made her day great? You're invited to SHARE your ideas!

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