My Favorite Things Vinyl Wall Decor!

by Lacey

My Favorite Things Vinyl Wall Decor Hanging Tile

My Favorite Things Vinyl Wall Decor Hanging Tile

My Favorite Things Vinyl Wall Decor Hanging Tile Just like the These are MY favorite things. What are yours?

Make a list of your favorite things, choose your favorite, find (or take) pictures of them and insert the pictures and you're done!

This is one of my favorite pieces of vinyl wall decor. I just love this hanging tile! My favorite things are my kids but yours could be people, pets, objects, you name it! You could include pictures from generations past, groupings of several people in one photo, even love notes from your kids.

The best part about it is that it looks just like ceramic, but it isn't! Ceramic would be WAY too heavy to hang on the wall but this one's viynl. Which means that if the kids get rowdy and knock it off the wall, it won't break!!!


My friend, Lacey, owns her own business making and selling customized vinyl home decor and accessories. I fell in love with this scroll the instant I saw it! I'm always on the lookout for unique and unusual photo gift ideas of ALL kinds and before Lacey, I had never seen something like this. I asked her to share and she graciously complied. For more info, pictures and ideas, check out her blog, Strawberrypearl Studios. Tell her I sent you and you may even get a freebie!

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