Kids Bookends

Kids Bookends - the finished project

Kids Bookends - the finished project

Kids Bookends - the finished project First you cut... then you glue... then spraypaint.

The idea for these kids bookends came from Family Fun:

kids bookends

For the pictures, I had the kids pose next to a tree outside. Then I uploaded the files to Walgreen's and in a little less than an hour I had prints ready to be picked up.

Instead of using an actual picture frame, we just cut an extra piece of ply wood (leftover pieces from the garage).

After the stands were glued and nailed together, I spray painted them black and then mounted the 4x6 prints with lick-and-stick photo corners. I debated whether or not it would be easier to use mod podge or glue but ultimately decided it didn't matter.

These aren't anything fancy, but why buy bookends when you can make them with so little money and effort??

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