Homemade Valentine Cards

Of all the homemade valentine cards, which ones are your favorites?

It should come at no surprise to you that mine are photo valentine cards.

My kids are a little older now but when they were little, we were constantly searching for Valentines crafts and valentines ideas that we could convert into fun kids valentines day cards. I’m not sure we ever succeeded.

I think the first time my oldest ever did school valentine cards, it was for pre-school and we spent hours cutting colorful hearts, gluing paper and writing names. I wish, I wish, I WISH I had known about printable valentines cards for kids back then!

Here are instructions for my very favorite homemade valentine cards.

(If you have made your own version of this fun photo card, please share! It'll be fun to see how many different versions there are of the same idea.)

  1. Take a picture of your child with his/her arm towards you, hand clenched in a fist, holding it just above his/her waist. It works best if the fist is at a slight angle and not directly in front of your child’s body.
  2. Have the photo printed. Use your own photo printer at home, have prints from digital images made at your local department store or enlist the services of a professional printer.
  3. Once you have the photo in hand, use a razor blade and straight edge to carefully cut a slit in the photo at the top and bottom of the child’s fist, about 1/4" long. Insert a lollypop and you’re done. We used Tootsie pops but you could use any kind of sucker.

A Little Tip

You can complete these homemade valentine cards using just regular photo paper but the weight of the candy will make the paper flop around and have a hard time holding the lollypop. Printing directly onto thicker paper or gluing a photo onto card stock seems to work better. I used Heritage Makers to design and print our homemade valentines cards.

A Variation

If you need personalized gifts for grandparents, use one of the many digital scrapbook elements available instead of the real sucker.

These images are much easier to send in the mail than the real thing!

A friend of mine (who gave me the idea to begin with!) made her photos into a 12x12 digital scrapbook page.

Digital scrapbook printing is tricky. My recommendation is that you have your digital scrapbook pages professionally printed for optimal results.

Or, for yet another variation, take a different kind of photo – one with the kids holding a sign that says "Happy Valentine's Day!" or fun coloring page. Have that photo developed and send with a card or turn the card itself into a greeting card or postcard ready to mail.

This year, my kids are making funny valentine cards with valentine day jokes and valentine day quotes for their classmates. Aren’t they fun??

homemade valentine cards homemade valentine cards
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