I Recommend Heritage Makers!

Heritage Makers is my personal publshing recommendation for storybooks, photo books, photo gift ideas and digital scrapbook printing.

The Story

My husband and I began telling our oldest son his adoption story when he was just a baby. The story was always the same, starting with "Once upon a time there was a girl…" and ending with "The end," which was perhaps an obvious end but important nonetheless, and, of course, really just the beginning. Caleb’s favorite part of the story has always been the part where I had to figure out what a crying baby needs.

Was he hungry? Nope.

Did he want to be held? Nope.

Hmmm. Wait a minute. Did this baby have a poopy diaper? Yep!

Caleb loved his story and he loved telling it. Even as a 2 year old, he used the exact same words every single time. I decided it needed to be in a book. A real, live storybook - with a cover, text and pictures - just like a picture book that you might find in the children’s section of a book store but completely personalized.

The Search

So I began searching for a way to publish a single book, EXACTLY the way I wanted it. There was nothing. I searched and searched and eventually decided it would have to be in scrapbook form. I found a simple black 6x6 album with the right number of pages and went to work.

It turned out beautifully and even though I worried that it would fall apart every time he read it, Caleb loved it.

Fast forward 5 years. Our second son, also adopted and 6 years old by that time, began asking for HIS adoption storybook. I had already done most of the work several years prior. The words of his story were written and I had already gathered and copied the perfect pictures. I had even purchased a scrapbooking album, an 8x8 this time, and all the supplies were on hand.

But try as I might, I just couldn’t get it done! There was something completely overwhelming about pulling everything out and having enough creative juices to combine all of the text, pictures and design elements into the perfect little book.

At about that time, a sister-in-law contacted me to ask if I could please upload some of our favorite family photos into an online album so that she could customize a calendar for her parents for Christmas. "Sure," I said. So she gave me the web address and her login information.

It was Heritage Makers.

I instantly fell in love and remember calling my sister-in-law with,

Who are these guys?!?
Why haven't I heard of them before?!?

Turns out, Heritage Makers was a relatively new company and they operate solely via network marketing. Yuck. I was just about turned off by that point but the lure of the online software program was too great. I could tell it was cutting edge and had everything I had been looking for. Besides, I thought, I might not have to talk to anyone if I use my sister-in-law’s account.

A New Start

Even though most of the work for the second adoption storybook was already done and ready to be scrapbooked via traditional methods, I instantly started uploading photos and creating the book digitally with Heritage Makers’ online Studio Editor. Within just one week, I was completely finished. In just a few short days with Heritage Makers, I had completed a project that had been in the works for literally years!

A New Love

A beautiful hardbound storybook arrived on my door step just a few days later and I fell in love all over again. The binding was tight. The printing rich in color. The pages thick and sturdy. Yes, I had made a couple of typos, but the book was everything I had ever hoped for and more. I called my sister-in-law to gush.

Then I quickly created my own Heritage Makers account and gave away the empty 8x8 album. And I haven’t looked back.

More Projects

personalized playing cards

My next project was a deck of playing cards. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much my kids loved finding themselves while playing "Crazy Cousins."

Then I made a family history trivia game and began brainstorming and creating projects that I could share on my family reunion planning website.

Making Money

Along the way, I realized that I was showing my projects to friends and family and recommending and teaching people how to use Heritage Makers.

I was just so proud of my projects and loved what I was doing so much that I simply couldn’t help myself!

So, yes, to make a long story short and to my own dismay,

I joined the world of network marketing and signed on as a Heritage Makers personal publishing consultant.

But you know what? I’ve done network marketing before and this did NOT feel like network marketing!

I was simply doing what I had already been doing – talking and sharing, online and off. Oh, and hanging out with some amazing people that shared my passion for family, for documenting memories and photos, and for making a difference.

Currently, I’m growing a team of consultants. I truly love what I do!

Heritage Makers Features

So here’s a glimpse of some of what Heritage Makers can do -

All online

The design software called "Studio" is all online. That means there’s no software to download or updates to purchase. It also means that I have access to ALL of my pictures and projects wherever there is internet access, from McDonald’s to my parents’ home.

1000’s and 1000’s of pre-designed templates

If I need ideas, am in a hurry, or simply not in a creative mood, all I have to do is find a template and swap out the pictures and text. And the template gallery continues to grow every single day as paid designers and users submit projects to share.

Complete control over every aspect on each page.

But even when I'm working with a template, I still have complete control over every aspect on each page. I can include as many pictures as I want, positioned in any manner I'd like. I can also include an unlimited amount of text in a variety of fonts, colors and sizes.

photo storage, file sharing, archival discs

Have you ever wondered what would happen to all your photos if your computer crashed? Or if your dog ate the backup CD? Or if a flood ruined the precious box of black and white family history photos at your sister’s house?

Heritage Makers offers unlimited online photo storage. They can also put your photos on a state-of-the-art archival DVD specifically designed for the data to endure 1000 years!

Entire folders full of photos can also be shared with other users with a click of a button.

Tons and tons and TONS of digital artwork.

Forget about making a gazillion different digital scrapbooking downloads. There are 1000's upon 1000's of searchable scrapbooking papers, kits, alphabets and embellishments. New artwork is added every month so there are always fresh choices.

Drag and drop technology

Can you say “easy”?? All you have to do is select the item you want and drag it into your project. Position it properly and - viola. Done.

Help and support

If you need help mapping out a story or deciding how to arrange your photos, it’s all there. There are also classes, tutorials, online chat and recorded videos, which means you have a world of support at your disposal.

You'll Love It, Too!

I invite you to join me and give Heritage Makers a try!

Go to my Heritage Makers website to set up a free account, explore the template gallery or look around. The "HM tour" will probably answer many of your questions.

If, at any time, you run into trouble or need help, contact me via the form below for personal assistance On your terms and on your schedule, I can:

  • set up your account for you
  • give you more information on available products
  • help you choose the right type of project and locate the most appropriate template
  • explain pricing (And show you how to get the most bang for your buck!)
  • show you how to turn your projects into fundraisers
  • tell you what sales are coming up
  • clarify the ordering process and shipping deadlines
  • review your project before you have it printed

    I can also-
  • give you an online 1-on-1 Studio demo.
    Studio is Heritage Maker's online software. I have the ability to share my computer screen with others as we talk on the phone. This way, I can actually SHOW you the answers to your questions. (I usually allocate about an hour for these demonstrations and everyone tells me they are well worth their time.)

  • give you 5 FREE publishing dollars to apply towards your first project
    Design something, let me know when it's finished and I'll transfer publishing points directly to your account.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Yes, I want help using my Heritage Makers account.

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