Fake Magazine Covers

Fake magazine covers are a fun and easy photo gift idea. Personalized magazine covers can be used for a variety of occasions, from celebrating a special occasion to gag birthday gifts. Make your own magazine cover or an entire fake magazine with magazine templates.

What makes great fake magazine covers?

Simple. A great picture with the right text presented magazine-style for an appropriate occasion.

Of course, pulling together fake magazine covers might not be quite so simple…

After all, you may be wondering,

Where do you find magazine templates?

How do you make your own magazine cover?

Can you customize an entire fake magazine?

What if you want to create a magazine cover
as digital scrapbook page?

So let’s break the process down into a few easy steps.

Define The Purpose

Fake magazine covers are fun to make just because. But are they intended for more than that? Once you create a magazine cover, what will you do with it?

Most of the ones I’ve seen are intended as practical joke gifts or perhaps gag birthday gifts.

And they work great for these purposes! Especially if you have some crazy photos of the person you wish to roast or if you have mad Photoshop skills. You could even use a cartoon generator to add spunk to your project.

If you put a serious or sentimental spin on a pretend publication, you could have a wonderful gift personalized for retirement.

Or the perfect gift for your mother on her day, full of special photos, memorabilia and notes.

Or, looking for 50th anniversary gift ideas? What about a fake magazine full of pictures and notes from children, grandchildren and great grandchildren?

You could even turn your teen into a movie star for his or her birthday.

Fake magazine covers are also fun to use for yourself – as a screen saver, to share on Facebook, as a greeting card, birth announcement or party invitation. You could even have it framed and hung on your wall.

The Process

There are several websites and vendors that can help you personalize your very own magazine cover. Each feature varying degrees of flexibility and options:

  • Some create digital images based on the picture you upload.
  • Some allow complete personalization of the text and produce a high quality digital image ready for print.
  • Some are free, some operate by donation and some charge fees.
  • Some vendors create more authentic-looking magazines than others.
  • Some have fewer magazine titles and cover options.

If you have the software and ability, you could make your own magazine cover as digital scrapbook page, to have printed or use solely in digital form. Simply choose your favorite magazine and replicate its look and feel, one element at a time.

A Few Tips

  • Think about who you want to feature and then highlight the personality of that person through your choice of magazine, text and/or photo.
  • Include a barcode on the front cover. It adds a bit of authenticity.
  • Start with a good photo! Close ups with plenty of space on one side for writing work great. If you can, match the photo with the title of the magazine. For example, with the help of Golf Digest, golf gifts for men just got a little easier.

I made this fake Golf Digest cover via Fakazine.com.

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