Create a Photo Book

Create a photo book and instantly have one of the best personalized gifts you can give. Use journaling prompts to create your own story and then add priceless photos to make your own photo book.

Of all of the ideas and products on this website, my all-time favorite and the product that started it all is PHOTO BOOKS.

It is my sincere hope that everyone who finds this site will want to create a photo book!

We live in an age where advancements in technology means that everyone is walking around with various digital devices that can take pictures.

But besides upload them on Facebook or show one or two on a tiny little mobile device's screen, most of us don't actually DO anything with our photos. According to Infotrends,

79% of us never do anything with our pictures!

Isn't that crazy?

Think of it - in addition to all of those dusty photo storage boxes sitting in lonely basements, our cameras and computers are stuffed with digital images that will never be viewed or shared. How sad is that?

The picture solution: create a photo book

There's nothing better than getting lost in the past by reminiscing with photos. Life can be relived through photographs. And a personalized photo book is a great way to do that.

Digital photo books will help you -

  • organize your photos
  • create archival photo storage
  • share your personal photos
  • create wonderful coffee table books
  • relive your life
  • protect your memories

Photo books also make thoughtful gift ideas. Create photo books for friends and family, and you give the best personalized gifts possible.

What is a digital photo book?

When you create a photo book, you have a collection of digital images and personalized text in a multipage book that's been printed by a personal publishing company. It's a practical and beautiful way to display your photos and document your memories. (And much more fun than using cheap photo albums!)

Photo book printing takes the hassle out of making prints from digital images and is much more tactile than sharing photos online via a digital photo album.

You can create a photo book with either a hard or soft cover. A standard length is generally 21 pages but additional pages (usually up to 100) can be added. The size of book, photo book software, binding type, print quality, page thinkness and price will vary, depending on the vendor.

These days, more and more office supply stores, print shops, drugstores, photographers and online vendors that offer some version of a photo book.

Just like I say in regards to creating a personalized mug, the same is true for photo books - 

Product quality, design options, price, turn-around time and customer service varies greatly between businesses.

Be Aware

Product quality and design options vary greatly.

Your design flexibility and printing quality will be determined by the vendor you choose. Please don't waste your time creating a piece of junk! Make sure you are purchasing a quality product that matches the time and effort you put into the project.

Ideas to design your own book

Whether your personalized photo book is made into a wedding memory book, life story or cookbook, the first step to make a photo book is to decide what type of book you want and what purpose it will serve. The size and length of your book will vary based on its subject matter and goal.

For example, you could -

Maybe you're self publishing a book for your parents' 50th wedding anniversary, looking for special sympathy gift ideas, wanting a personalized photo book for your child's end of the year teacher gift, or writing a memoir and sharing personal photos.

There are a gazillion and one reasons to make a photo book and just as many things to do with it when it's finished.

This is a storybook that my son wrote and illustrated.
We published it through Heritage Makers. He LOVES it!
personalized gifts for kids personalized gifts for kids personalized gifts for kids
Seeing his very own story in a real book
has been a great confidence booster!

Step 1: Gather pictures and information

I love this picture given to me by my mother in law. Sadly, however, no one in the family knows who this young girl is or what her story is.

When you make your own photo book, you have the ability to create your own story and text to go along with the pictures. And the words that go with your pictures are so important! Find out and list who is in each photograph. Document the date the picture was taken. Write about the things that were happening at the time.

If you're stuck on what to say or how to organize the information, there are journal prompts that can help.

Don't forget that samples of personal handwriting, scanned images of a child's school work, striking quotes and meaningful poems will all add depth and interest to your photo book.

Step 2: Go to the computer to make your own photo book

Once you've decided to create a photo book, have determined its subject matter and purpose and have gathered your photographs and information, it's finally time to go to the computer.

There are many online companies specializing in web-based photo sharing, personal publishing and photo products. Digital printing technology makes print on demand popular and accessible to anyone that has access to a computer.

Upon first glance, it may seem that all these photo products and companies selling digital photo books are the same. However, upon closer inspection, you'll find that companies vary significantly in these areas:

  • Design flexibility
  • Templates
  • Product quality
  • Online photo storage
  • Ability to upload and download
  • Sharing photos online
  • Number of pages
  • Photo book software requirements
  • Production time
  • Project storage and ability to reprint

If you can, view a sample product before you purchase and ask lots of questions. Sometimes you'll be able to find a free photo book or project offer, which is an easy, low investment way to get started.

Bottom Line

There is something SO gratifying about seeing my favorite photos printed on high quality pages in a REAL book that I can touch and hold. If you haven't tried it, you really should. :)

When you make your own photo book and create your own story, you give a photo gift that will last a lifetime.

Remember - meaningful gifts the best personalized gifts. And with photo books, thoughtful gift ideas are limited only by your imagination.

Have you created a photo book that you'd like to share? Please do! Just follow this link and tell us your story.

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