Cool Gift Ideas Using Photos

Looking for a few cool gift ideas? There are ample personalized photo products and digital photo gifts to choose from! Turn your snapshots and photographs into unique and unusual gifts.

Cool photo gift ideas for ALL

Let me guess. You're looking for cool gift ideas for someone special. Oh, and it needs to be unique and unusual, too, right?

Finding that perfect gift that fits within budget,
is right for the occasion and matches the person
you're giving it to is no small challenge.

But what about photo gifts?

According to Prevention Magazine, viewing personal photos can lift moods better than eating chocolate, drinking alcohol, watching television or listening to music.
("Uncommon Health Advice" special report)

So think of it this way -
When you give a photo gift, you're also giving a mood boost! And who wouldn't benefit from a thoughtful mood boost, even on an already-happy day?

Personalized photo products are cool gift ideas for baby and bridal showers, appropriate for colleagues and teachers and men and women, perfect as best friend, teen and grandparent gifts and make excellent family gifts, especially for Mother's and/or Father's Day. You can even incorporate photos into gifts for dog owners and unique nurse gifts!

Continue on for tons of cool gift ideas with photos. And don't forget to add your own cool gift ideas!

Personalized Dad Gift

Unique father's day gifts are always in demand. And who doesn't want the perfect retirement gifts for dad? Use pictures to create a heart-felt gift for your dad, regardless of the occasion.

Personalized Gifts for Mom

Looking for great gifts for mom? Our moms do so much for us that often times, any gift seems to pale in comparison. The perfect gift for your mother on her day is one that will make her smile. So whether it's for Mother's Day, a birthday or just any day, what makes your mom smile?

Gift Ideas for Grandparents

The hard part about gift ideas for grandpa and grandma is that they've lived long enough to accumulate a lot of stuff. Often you also have additional challenge of failing health, dietary restrictions and loneliness. What a perfect time to tell your grandparents how much they mean to you! Or help them remember "the good 'ole days" with a special picture gift. Combine both words and pictures into a storybook and you'll have a meaningful gift they'll surely treasure forever.

Unique Personalized Baby Gifts

personalized newborn baby gifts

What's that baby quote? "Babies are such a nice way to start people." (Don Herrald) And they are! Play on that baby's sweetness for a special baby shower gift. Babies grow and change so quickly that photo gifts are especially appropriate. After all, parents will probably need to be reminded of the sweet baby they used to have when that baby is a teenager!

Personalized Gifts for Kids

Personalized gifts for children build self esteem because the child is the hero - over and over again. Plus, they're fun and easy to create when you use photos. Discover personalized books for kids, cool games for kids, card games for kids and other thoughtful gift ideas that will make any child smile.

Teen Gift Ideas

Teenagers are often dealing with peer pressure, identity issues and self expression. Oh, and crazy hormone fluctuations. They may push adults and family members away, acting like they don't care, but they do. Regardless of age, we are all seeking the same thing: love and appreciation. Give a gift that counts. Are you a teenager looking for a gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend? These ideas will help you, too.

Best Gift Ideas for Families

It's hard to buy a gift that will be for several people but base family gift ideas on the interests and dynamics of the family as best as you can. Consider personalizing a board game or creating a unique display with family history photos.

Best Friend Gifts

Unique friendship gifts will reflect the nature of your friendship. When it comes to giving gifts to friends, it's all about listening for little clues and then following up. A friend recently gave me tie dyed socks for my birthday and they were perfect! She knew I'm fond of tie die and somehow, she also knew that I didn’t own any tie dyed socks.

Unique Teacher Gifts

My mom's a teacher and she says that you can always tell how long a teacher's been teaching by the number of mugs they own. I'm pretty sure that was her way of saying that mugs are not the greatest teacher appreciation gifts. Think practical, useful, personalized teacher gifts instead.

Male Gift Ideas

Men say finding gifts for women is hard, but I think finding gifts for men is just as hard! Men have different wants and needs than women (that's stating the obvious, isn't it?) so it makes sense they would have different gift wants and needs. But. Pictures make cool gift ideas for men, too. Find out how to create personalized photo gifts for the man in your life.

Unique Gift Ideas for Women

Have you ever tried to come up with retirement gifts for women? Not at easy task. What about baptism gifts for girls or personalized baby girl gifts? Generally (and I did say GENERALLY), women love touchy, feely, romantic gifts and pictures fit the bill perfectly. Have you ever considered photo jewelry?

Gift Ideas for Nurses

Nurses are some of the most amazing, patient people in the world. The doctor may make the diagnosis, but it's the nurses who do the day-to-day stuff that makes the difference. Check out these unique nurse gifts that use - you guessed it - pictures.

Unique Office Gifts for Colleagues

Office gifts are hard. You want to give thoughtful employee gifts but you can't quite make them as thoughtful as something you'd give, say, to your spouse or children. Right? And what in the world do you do for national bosses day? Are personalized business gifts appropriate? Of course they are. Just follow these guidelines.

Personalized Dog Gifts

I'm not really an animal person. But that doesn't mean I don't have some cool gift ideas for dog lovers! Regardless of whether it's personalized dog gifts or gifts for the dog owners, you can do some pretty fun stuff with photos.

A Final Thought

I'm a big fan of Gary Chapman's books on the five "love languages." A love language is a person's communication style for giving and receiving love. In essence, the same comment or gift can mean more to one person than it does the next. The 5 languages of love are: quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service and physical touch.

When you're considering cool gift ideas, it makes sense to know what kinds of things are most meaningful to the person you're giving it to. Regardless of whether or not it's specifically a photo gift,

If a gift is worth giving,

make it a meaningful one!

Wondering what language you speak? Take a five love languages quiz here.

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