Photos Make Unique Christmas Ornament Gifts

Give sweet memories with Christmas ornament gifts personalized with photos. Even at the last minute, making Christmas ornaments for grandparents has never been so easy!

Looking for unique handmade Christmas gift ideas? Wanting unique and personalized Christmas ornaments for grandparents? Are you all out of last minute Christmas gift ideas?

Creative Christmas gift ideas don't have to be expensive or elaborate.

Use photographs to make Christmas ornaments that have personality and style!

Read on for basic instructions for making these Christmas ornaments.

Christmas ornament gifts and ideas

Glass Ornament


Check the scrapbooking aisle at your local craft store for miniature everything.

Place a photo inside a glass ornament ball. Print on transparency paper, let dry. Carefully roll around a pencil and insert into ornament.

Make it a memory ball by including several 3D items reflective of the year's activities and events. Place tinsel or glitter behind the photo.

Make the photo stay in place by cutting perfectly to size and/or by leaving a small tab that sticks up the neck of the ornament.

Paper Mache

I painted paper mache ornaments with basic acrylic paint and then attached pictures with decoupage. You could also add additional embellishments such as buttons, stickers, jewels, flowers, or really just whatever you have on hand.

These make perfect Christmas ornaments for grandparents. Simply write the grandchild's name and activities and interests from the year on the back.

Craft Foam

Cut fun shapes out of craft foam - or buy precut shapes. Glue on a picture, attach a string or ribbon and embellish as desired. Write the year with a fine tip marker. These simple homemade Christmas ornaments are perfect for grandkids to give to their grandparents.


Place a picture in a small, light frame. There are several frames on the market, including pewter, ceramic, wood and fabric, specifically for this purpose. You could also make your own by wrapping aluminum foil around pre-cut cardboard or use a canning lid and band. Popsicle sticks also make great photo frames. Place a quote on the back. Embellish with wrapping paper or last year's Christmas cards.


Purchase a small round mirror. (The ones I used are about 3" across.) Carefully sand away the paint on the back of the mirror until most of the glass shows through. Leave about 1/4" of mirror around the edge. It's okay if the sand paper scratches the glass - this creates a rustic, worn look. Cut a picture to size and glue onto the back of the mirror. Add a hanging ribbon. Then cut and glue an additional piece of paper, creating a finished look. This ornament looks great with a picture of Christ, a picture from old Christmas cards, or with a photograph of any kind.

Wooden Star

Much like some of the other Christmas ornament gifts listed, paint a wooden star, attach a picture and hanging ribbon and then embellish. Create a sewing stitch effect by making short dashed lines along the edge of the picture and/or ornament with a fine- tipped permanent marker.

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