The Best Christmas Gift Ideas are Creative Photo Gifts

The best Christmas gift ideas are personal and meaningful. Make a Christmas list and give personalized picture gifts to all.

Looking for a few creative Christmas gift ideas? For guys? For women? For grandparents? For kids?

Whether you're looking for unique homemade gift ideas, Christmas gift ideas for a boyfriend, or extraordinary holiday gift ideas for women...

Personalized picture gifts are the answer - every time.

Incorporate priceless photos and you'll have a one-of-a-kind, special gift - every time.

Check out these handmade Christmas gift ideas, personalized with photos (many of these unique inexpensive gift ideas can even be pulled together at the last minute).

And, remember - the best Christmas gift ideas don't have to be complicated. The best Christmas gift ideas are usually simple and sincere in nature.

Here are a few ideas for inexpensive homemade gifts. Don't forget to check out the photo craft ideas submitted by other readers.

Photo Blocks

This is one of my all-time favorite - unique yet inexpensive - gift ideas!

I made these vintage-looking photo blocks using a pre-designed template for two 12x12 digital scrapbook papers. We cut and then sanded a few wooden blocks out of scrap 2x4 lumber from the garage, painted the bases black, cut and then pasted on the picture designs. I finished them off with a couple layers of decopage.


Any time you're using decoupage with photos, you'll want to have the photos professionally developed instead of printing them out on your home equipment. Most printer inks will start to bleed and sometimes the paper tears when you apply the decoupage.

I used black and white family history photos, but you could change the look entirely by using color and current photographs. Use pictures of animals and you suddenly have the perfect pet lover gift.

You could also use this same concept with any color or design of paper and/or picture. Decide the size of your blocks, develop and then trim your pictures to size, finish with decoupage. I've also seen this same concept applied to 4x4 blocks of wood and other sizes.

Paper Mache Box

Personalized picture gifts don't have to be complicated. For example, keep this next photo craft in mind when you're brainstorming best Christmas gift ideas to make with the kids or when you need simple holiday craft gift ideas for any season.

Simply select a paper mache container (there are several sizes and shapes available at your local craft store) and a few photographs and embellishments that match your theme. I used scrapbook paper and matching brightly colored rub ons. Trim and arrange your photos. Use decoupage as glue and as a finishing layer. Easy!

unique craft gifts
A view from the top

unique craft giftsunique craft giftsunique craft gifts
Views from the side

Photo Tile

Pick up a tile from your local hardware store. They usually have several mismatched and surplus pieces for only dollars a piece so be sure to ask. The 6x6 and 8x8 sizes seem to work the best. Cut your photo to size and glue to the tile. Apply vinyl lettering words or quote over the top of the photo and seal with decoupage. Experiment with the best picture size. Make a square the fits over the whole tile or leave part of the tile showing on the edges. Depending on your photograph, a rectangular shape picture with horizontal lettering might work best.

Paper Box

Fold thick paper to make a box with a lid. I used 12x12 digital scrapbook paper and incorporated the pictures via a pre-made template before printing. But you could also attach pictures and embellishments after folding. Fill the box with love coupons, a special treat, personalized puzzle or other small item.


Ever seen those fun handmade baskets made from recycled Christmas cards? Why not incorporate photos instead of (or in addition to) cards? I found this and several other holiday craft gift ideas from All Free Crafts.

This was a fun, easy project. It makes a great little basket for holding your personalized playing cards (like I've done), candy, scented pine cones, or whatever you need.

Need ideas for a bridal shower? Have everyone bring their favorite photos of the bride and make the baskets at the shower.

Or make wonderful homemade gifts for teachers - use photos of the teacher's pupils and fill the basket with crayons, markers, pencils, stickers and other fun teaching items.

Wrap in cellophane for a fun gift basket display.

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